Bi Fuck Fests 4 cor-560 Austin Bryan Dawson Elijah Kenny Micah Simon Vince

Stars: Austin  Dawson  Bryan  Elijah  Kenny  Micah  Simon  Vince   
Studio: Corbin Fisher
SN: cor-560
Release Date: 2017-10-31
minutes: 0/d minutes
Likes: 4883

These studs know how to keep all options on the table when it comes to feeling good and getting off! While they may have arrived at CF only having ever been with girls, it doesn't take long for these guys to discover their fellow young studs have tight, hot holes to offer up. When it comes to getting a stellar blowjob, these college guys find out their buddies are just as good at swallowing their dicks as anyone else. Going even further, these hot college jocks find out they can experience a whole new type of mind-blowing pleasure being on the receiving end of the kind of hard, intense, furious pounding they're used to giving. In the bisexual fuck fest action here, the guys get caught up in the moment and consumed by the extreme pleasure as they bury their dicks in every hole, and get to feed on and get fucked by hard cocks themselves.

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