The Sales Rep nur-4381 Brett Rossi Carmen Callaway Damon Dice Karter Foxx Lily Lane Marco Ducati Romeo Price Sophia Grace T

Stars: Brett Rossi  Tommy Gunn  Damon Dice  Violet Starr  Lily Lane  Carmen Callaway  T. Stone  Karter Foxx  Romeo Price  Sophia Grace  Marco Ducati  Trinity St. Clair   
Studio: Nuru Massage
SN: nur-4381
Release Date: 2018-02-08
minutes: 0/d minutes
Likes: 4883

Lily Lane tries out her halloween costume at work but gets startled by Tommy Gunn who shows up after hours. Realizing that he only wants a massage, she gives him the after hours special. T. Stone comes in for the Nuru massage special with Carmen Callaway, but decides to double his pleasure by adding Violet Starr to the mix. Romeo Price is eager to seal the deal with a new massage gel he's offering, but Trinity St. Clair is not buying it and reminds him that she'll lose business if the product sucks. Surprised that he's never tried the gel himself, she convinces him that it might be times to give it a go with a NURU massage. When spa owner Sophia Grace gets several complaints regarding her employee Karter Foxx, she tells her she's going to supervise her next appointment. When she asks Damon Dice how it's going, she tells her it's not great, eager to deliver the best customer services she can, she shows her employee what's it's like to give a proper NURU massage. When Brett Rossi's car breaks down, Marco Ducati offers to give her a boost. Relieved that her car's in working order, she offers him a thank you massage giving him a boost that he'll never forgot.

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